I have experienced firsthand the possibilities that come with being Juliani.

A rapper from Dandora turned artist: awards, albums, global tours, meeting great people and making unimaginable friends along the road.This, I attribute to God for entrusting me with this gift, hard work and in some instances sheer luck, but, most importantly, YOU.

You bought the albums and concert tickets, shared online and requested my songs on radio... even argued with your friends about why I am your best!

You have remained steadfast throughout my career and I can confidently say, you are as Juliani as I am.

Now we are here and the future looks more promising than ever. We know that you are blessed by the music and you sing along to all the songs.

The question is, can we BE MORE?

Can we make this a two-way interaction and give more than entertainment and positive music?

To what extent can we become a part of you reaching your aspirations.

What are your aspirations?

How can we make you more than a fan?

You spend money buying albums, merchandise, concert tickets and more. How much do you spend, and how can we make it worth your while?

What is the future and can we prepare for it? Shape it?

Can fans own the name Juliani? Can a fan own a song?

Can you buy future products today?

Most of all, can Juliani be a sustainable and influential entity, beyond the music and beyond the individual?

To answer these questions we have set out different approaches to grow the community, instil ownership and scale us to an institution that stands beyond the test of time.


Open doors to opportunity and possibilities. We are utilizing our numbers and influence to access discounts, opportunities and information that is beneficial to the community. Achieve growth & wellness and find inspiration together.

  • Weekly messages from Juliani coming directly to your inbox
  • Conversations about life, social justice, music and community
  • Exclusive invites to special fan events
  • ...and lots more!

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Make money from the platform:

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Buy music and merchandise from the Juliani store and products from affiliated brands.You are also invited to list your products or services on the website at a unique discount, available exclusively to our community members. Tell us about your business on!


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