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Lost(?) Juliani's Mixtapes

In his old, I think the first website, there used to have 2 short mixtapes from his music. They used to be in.ogg format (don't a .....


Betty Mutimba

Men Do Cry

Why is it that men don’t cry?

I had had a long day and I just wanted to get home. I couldn't wait to lay my head on .....


Betty Mutimba

I Want To Quit Smoking

But, I’m scared.

It feels like I’m about to go into freefall. Like I’m losing hold of something that has bee .....


Betty Mutimba

Refocusing Your Mind

I am relatively patient, thoughtful and always strategic. I see far and this trait keeps me grounded when things don’t go my way. I .....




:Fill in the blanks for Juliani Merchandise:


"Ten milion 2011 zero kama gurudumu za _______________

No mill .....


Betty Mutimba

Heart of Service

I have had an eventful couple of days since my trip to Brasil for the


Betty Mutimba

Cooking Classes

I consider myself someone who is aware. I am in tune with what's happening around me. I acknowledge my shortcomings. I embrace spirit .....


Betty Mutimba

Emotional Abuse

You don’t see it coming. It starts out rosy. There is an undeniable connection. Something else is also probably going wrong in your .....


Betty Mutimba


"I woke up today full of life.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that things are rosy. I have a lot on my mind; work I .....


Betty Mutimba

Talk To Us

What has your experience on the website been like? Have redeemed any deals? Are you able to sign in and out successfully? Do you like the .....


Betty Mutimba

Fighting the Mental Health Fight

“When I finally acknowledged that something was wrong with me and fixing it was beyond my solo efforts, I sought out a psychologist .....


Betty Mutimba

Deals! Deals! Deals!

We are signing up merchants to offer deals exclusive to Juliani fans! Tell us who your favourites are and we will secure some amazing dis .....



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Have your favorite Juliani lyric that need clarification? want to interact with other Juliani Fans from around the world? this is the place .....