Betty Mutimba

Cooking Classes

I consider myself someone who is aware. I am in tune with what's happening around me. I acknowledge my shortcomings. I embrace spirituality. I know what I want. 

This is just me thinking I’m in control. The truth is, most of the time we find ourselves in the "unajua haujui" situations, where all your plans and everything you anticipated didn’t go according to plan. 

Good news, it eventually works out, even though it makes no sense in that moment. I have had to admit to myself that I can claim to be a swimmer from playing in a pool, but I won’t really know how good I am until I am in the ocean. This part is scary for many of us. 

I decide to be led by Love for life and all it can offer, and not fear. I am inspired by building things and being of value to my surroundings. By learning new skills that might bring joy to someone else. With this in mind, I am currently increasing my knowledge and capacity in a couple of new things. One of them being, cooking classes.

We can all put ingredients together, boil and come up with something that fills our stomachs, but can we really cook?

I'm taking weekly cooking lessons at my house and so far, I’m loving it. I’m doing something that will have no financial impact now or ever to explore sides of me I don’t know about. This is me finding myself.
I don’t need to be an award-winning chef, I already feel some level of completeness. I can’t wait to teach my daughter what I’m learning and to watch my loved ones’ reactions when I make a finger-licking plat of stuffed rice with coconut sauce!


What is that one thing you’d want to do that isn’t financially beneficial but builds and helps you discover new parts of you?


Virginia. Wagakira

Currently my learning via YouTube,I think books will be of great value.

Thank you.


Virginia. Wagakira

Hey! My opinion would be to buy kids etiquette & table manners books,also visit public schools and see if they can at least allow us  teach kids once per week.




Hey  Virginia  and Irene. .what do you think we should do  to help you take the first step? 


Am sure it's worth the try. 


Virginia. Wagakira

Congratulations on your new found passion.I'd like to start teaching kids table manners&etiquette in ghetto's & to kids who cannot afford schools that have the lesson.



Mmmh I so get this. I would love to relearn writing and expressing myself in writing. I was so good till 2015 was traumatised by sth and I've never gotten back. Might just as well