Betty Mutimba

Fighting the Mental Health Fight

“When I finally acknowledged that something was wrong with me and fixing it was beyond my solo efforts, I sought out a psychologist who, after a few sessions, sent me to a psychiatrist. I was skeptical because I felt going on medication was officially declaring that I had lost my mind.

First thing the psychiatrist did was reassure me that medicine is not a bad thing. In fact, half the world’s population is currently medicating for all kinds of reasons. He reminded me that the point of medicine is to make sure we stay healthy. I decided to believe him.

It has been a complex journey towards healing. I didn’t realise how deep the feelings of hopelessness ran. I hadn’t made the connection between disconnecting from my family and the endless downward spiral I seemed to be stuck in. I had skated by on intermittent energy spikes, convincing the rest of my world that all was well.

Eventually, I couldn’t fake it anymore and I broke down. This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, and I wished I had asked for help sooner. My family and closest friends rallied behind me, offering love and support and their company, as I went through the worst of it.

I can gradually feel myself rising above the downward spiral. I know that I am not alone. I know who to call. I am diligent with my medication and psychotherapy. I am practicing mindfulness, through guided meditation. Most of all, I am determined to win. Winning for me means chasing my dreams with all I have got!”