In my quest to learn more about communication and what influences human behaviour, I stumbled upon an article about the seven deadly sins and how marketers use these emotional characters in human nature to influence what we consume.  

According to scripture the seven deadly sins are: pride, sloth, gluttony, lust, greed, envy and wrath. If you pay attention to human behaviour, you find that these seven deadly sins are somehow the source of all evils humans commit. And, it seems, they are also the reason many people do daily things, like shopping, posting on social media, marrying, buying cars, houses, want to succeed Dec.. 

So why do you do what you do? I ask myself the same question, what’s my motivation?

Recently 60 people lost their lives in an accident, will it make other drivers and passengers change how they handle driving on our roads? For those who smoke, there is always a disgusting picture on the package of the effects of smoking, does it stop tobacco from being a multi billion industry?

What drives human beings to do what they do?

A healthier version is love and curiosity, where intentions are pure, from within and not influenced by external forces. The seven deadly sins are outside forces which influence our actions and advertisers know it. They don’t sell the product, but the emotion attached to it.

I paraphrase something I read somewhere, "people don’t buy heels they borrow the height that it brings". Most rappers nowadays have “haters" and they work hard so that haters will bow down, not because they are sharing their talent with the world. With social media we see perfection induced by filters and perfect moments captured by the powers of the latest cell phone. 

Why do we do what we do? 

If we are led by our emotions we will always fall victim to our own flaws. We will always be catching up, left with no original thought and lost. Most of it is, we want things we don't need because of how they make us look or what kind of reactions they evoke.  We end up working to please the masses and strangers instead of digging deep, find ourselves and sharing with the world the gift of our uniqueness. Share those that are not determined by seasons, times, mood, trends.

People call it #FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. It is an emotions driven world where we have become slaves to our feelings. In relationships for example, one person might say, “You used to make me feel this way, so because you don’t, your love is not there anymore.”

Or the days you used to pray for a job and got excited when it came, but now you drag your weight out of bed to get to work. It happens to the best of us.

Sloth- finding shortcuts and not necessarily better ways of doing things. 

Pride- I am better than him/her, so why does he/she have it and I don’t, I will show you who’s better, “unajua mimi ni nani?” 

Lust – attracted to something for it’s superficial value.

Gluttony- I want more and more even if I don’t need it.

Wrath- I will show you, anger

Envy- “kwanini ako nayo, hata mimi nataka"

Greed – hakuna kutosheka 

These are my definitions. 

How do we get ourselves unentangled to this? Not sure and I don’t have the remedy- mine would be to question why I do what I do, react how I react. 

Then to think twice before acting.

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