Juliani Jeshi

The music brings us together.

Shared values,  Opportunities and Our numbers Keep us together. 

The Value that Juliani name and brand attracts, we extend it to you,  as a fan, a Juliani Jeshi. 

We are here to grow with you in every relevant aspect of your life. 

  • Can discounts help you save by spending less on your favourite product?
  • Can you grow by interacting with other Jeshi members; Financially, spiritually, Socially? 
  • Exploit Juliani Brand name, Networks to realize your aspirations, how can we bridge the gap?
  • Do you have alot to offer and need a community to connect with? 
  • Do you believe we are as strong as the weakest among us, We deserve better as a people,a country and the world? 

Juliani Jeshi is a conviction 

Join NOW For as low as 1000/yr

Access for Small Businesses and Corporates

Juliani Access Value for Value : Non Exclusive

1 Million + Reach across our platforms with 0 /= Cost. 

Juliani Access enables you to speak to Juliani fans about your amazing Brand. 

This is a non-exclusive service .

We have worked with Good Kitchen, Big Fish,  Royal African Barbershop and Mwacheezy Foot wear. 

No fee needed Talk to us

Juliani Access Plug in

1 Million + Reach across all our platforms 

Experiential experience of your brand on our elaborate activities in music, community and promotions. 

Brand association. 

Upto 70% cost Endorsement, Performance,  Appearance, Access to our platforms. 

Your brand look great next to us, Talk to us.

Juliani Access Premium : Exclusive 

1 Million + Reach Across our platforms
Uniquely Designed customised campaign
Utilize the Brand Name, likeness and image of Juliani for Digital, mainstream and below the line media.
Align our annual plans to your Brand goals.
Upto 50% off on Appearance, Endorsement, Appearances, Access to our platforms.  
Annual Subscription Fee.

No influencing,  we are your strategic partners. Talk to us 

Bid & Gig

We are giving you a Blank Cheque, How much are you willing to pay? 

For a Juliani: 

  • Dj Set performance
  • Post on our platforms 
  • Speaking engagement 
  • Endorsement 

Valid until April.  The Bid and Gig Promotions a campaign to raise resources for our community projects.