I was arguing with friends that ADVERSITY has a way of sparking your IMAGINATION, that if well nurtured can lead to INNOVATION. 

Think about it, when we get to a place where reality is not inspiring, we tend to build alternatives in our minds and create parallel worlds to cope. Our minds go to happy and safe places, like a beach somewhere with a cool breeze. This makes us comfortable and relaxed when we feel stuck. 

I stand corrected but I find that people from "bad" neighbourhoods, who went through a lot of struggle are more creative, artistic, intune with themselves and are driven by an urgency to change things.

This doesn't mean imagination belongs to only those who grew up a certain way. Every individual has their version of adversity and whoever is in tune with theirs, has the ability to cultivate it and turn it into books, blogs, songs, movies, and businesses. 

All it takes is imagination.  

Loss, pain, brokenness and defeat are the backdrop to imagination and escape. Healthy imagination comes from a need to see things differently, a need to create, belief in possibilities and challenging ourselves to be better everyday. 

"Imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions", said a dear friend. Imagination lets you see what your future life can look like. Next time you are filled with worry, turn it around and imagine what you want things to look like. This is far from wishful thinking.

I know you are not where you want to be reading this. Yes, you have a few things going but you feel you can do better.  Use your imagination to paint that picture of better in your mind. See what you want. 

Imagine it overtime. Faith means visualising it first and experiencing it later. 

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. Hearing shapes your mind to what it needs to focus on, then like a seed in soil it slowly and surely becomes a tree over time.

The simple process of actualising your imagination is: awareness of yourself and your surroundings, creating/exploring alternative narratives in your mind- having a picture, writing it down on paper then innovating - which means putting in work and trying everything until you reach desired results.

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