I have a few friends that are further up in the "food chain" and the kawaida reference to me has been Bob collymore.

I care about him and I think we have a deep relationship.

I was one of three friends that were invited to his wedding. I held the reflector for the photographer during the photoshoot afterwards (this might be why I was invited, mtu wa mkono). He is my daughter’s godfather and I reach out to him when I need to make really big decisions. 

Another close relationship I value is with Boniface Mwangi. He is a year older than me, has a beautiful wife and three kids. We agree on most things and clash on a few. He has my X-Files.  

Sam gichuru is the third person in my home team. We make fun of our pain, manhood, business. He trusts me enough to share his plans before they take shape, like his deal with Jack Ma, Alibaba.

All of these men are close and have been there when I needed them. My hope is to be the same for them. I do ask myself, where is the limit? Can I keep taking from them consistently and do I even deserve it? Have I deposited enough? I don’t know. What I do know is they have my back.

Recently, I went into my phone book and randomly made calls to as many people as I could, just to say "Hi". They were mostly surprised by the gesture, that one can call with no other agenda than to know if they are okay. Is it that bad out there, that one can’t just care because they care?

Deeply human.

How much can you give until you say enough is enough? My philosophy and what I try to practice everyday is "service to others". I don't nail it most of the time but I practice it when I can. I would like to be that guy who gives all that I have to humanity whether they deserve it or not. I am still work in progress.

I feel relationships have become transactional in that one only gives because they will get back. When I spend time with you, I purpose to be intentional, to listen deeply, to be curious, open and to share candidly as a way of respecting and appreciating your being, and not take our interaction for granted. I think that is the ultimate human experience.  

I believe that when I sit down with Bob, Sam and Bonny, they qualify as close friends because they are human beings that I connect with deeply. Everything else that comes with the friendships is an expression of that experience.

Can a man and a woman have a deep relationship that is not romantic? 

Can an employee be a friend to their boss, for friendship’s sake and not for personal gain? 

Can a voter celebrate a politician when there are no hand outs to be given? 

Can you forgive even when you know karma won't come out to play? 

Will you "cancel" people because they didn't behave as you expected, like not reciprocating your gestures of love or when perceive you can't gain anything from them?

As you go through your day today think, what motivates and drives your relationships? 

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