Safaricom Skiza Tunes.

# Phone Code Song Name
1 7019478 Hio Ndio Swagga Get this
2 7019477 Exponential Potential|juliani|650102 Get this
3 7030512 Utawala Get this
4 8563900 Biceps Get this
5 8563901 Friend Request Get this
6 8563902 Hela Get this
7 8563903 One Day Get this
8 8566569 Isaiah 58 Get this
9 8566570 Jehovah Get this
10 8566571 Morio Na Juliet Get this
11 8566572 Samaki Baharini Get this
12 8566573 Shuka Roho Get this

Skiza Tips.

How to select my SKIZA tunes

You can select your SKIZA tunes through four methods:

  • You can SMS the SkizaCode of your selected song in the following format to 811, SKIZA (space) SkizaCode e.g. SKIZA 7019477. To select another tune,simply SMS your other selected tune 811 again e.g. SKIZA 7019477.
  • You can dial 811 and follow the interactive voice prompts to set your SKIZA tune.
  • You can visit the SKIZA website at and select your songs.
  • You can use the Skiza SMS Search service where you send an SMS to 822 with the words "Search name of the song or artist" e.g. "Search Juliani" or "Exponential Potential". This will give you a response with a list of songs to select from, prompts on how to select your preferred song and the option of downloading the song.

How to assign a SKIZA tune to different callers

  • If you have purchased more than one tune and have NOT assigned them to specific callers they will be played randomly.
  • To set a SKIZA tune for a specific caller simply SMS the SKIZA Code of your selected song and the phone number in the following format to 811: SET 7030512 722XXXXXX.